March 12 Safety Update

Dear Loma Verde Families and Friends,

Due to Governor Newsom’s announcement regarding canceling events involving 250 people or more,  I have made the decision to take extra precautions to protect our students and families. Please note that the Monday blacktop character assembly, ELAC Meeting, field trips, and ACE Awards scheduled for this week and next week have been canceled.

Our school is taking precautions in disinfecting desks, tables, and chairs.  We will continue to reviewed hand washing with all students and are reminding students to wash or sanitize throughout the day. Please help us by reminding your children not to share food.

In addition, we will be splitting up our students into smaller groups during lunch so they are not in such close proximity while eating. We will also ask our students to proceed to the classrooms at 7:55 to line up by their classroom doors rather than lining up on the blacktop.  Students should still participate in walking the track before school and eating breakfast at the tables if they are on campus between 7:15 and 7:55.  Students should not be in the hallways near the classrooms until after the bell rings at 7:55.

Please be sure to read the following update from the Superintendent.   Our district is working closely with the CDC as well as the California Department of Public Health.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your understanding.

Yours in safety,

Mrs. Bree Watson – Principal

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