The Wildcat Way – May 3-7, 2021 (Week #32)


Attendance Information

We are very excited to have many of our Wildcats back on campus! We missed our students greatly.  As always, please contact our Attendance Health Specialist, Irene Lemos, if your student will be absent from school for any reason, regardless of whether they are in hybrid or distance learning. Please email with the reason for your child’s absence.

Please note, for students physically at school in hybrid learning, it is very important that parents/guardians speak with our office staff regarding the reason for any student absence from class.  For the health and safety of all students and staff, students who are absent without parent contact will not be allowed back on campus until the parent/guardian discusses the reason for the absence with school office staff.   

Returning to school if you reported your child absent due to being sick:

  • If a student is sick, we will ask ​the parent to confirm which symptoms the student is experiencing.  
  • If symptoms align with symptoms of COVID-19, ​the school will follow the COVID-19-decision-tree English (Spanish)  in collaboration with ​the school site nurse. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the school nurse, Linda Kucinski, at 619-420-3940.
  • If ​symptoms are part of a chronic condition, the school will work with the school site nurse to determine next steps.   
  • If symptoms are not a possible symptom of COVID-19, the student will be welcomed back to school after following normal school health protocols.  
  • Please note, that we must follow the COVID-19 decision tree before your child can come back onto campus.

We look forward to an amazing rest of our school year. Thank you for your support of our learning environment. 

Hybrid Parents: 

Last Day Pick Up for Chromebooks and Instructional Materials – Harmony  School of Excellence – Sugar Land
  • We recommend students use the bathroom at home before coming to school to maximize time on campus for learning and social interaction.
  • We recommend students eat breakfast (for the AM cohort) and lunch (for the PM cohort) before coming to school.  There will be no meals served to students on campus outside of the weekly meal distribution on Thursdays.
  • Please send a labeled water bottle with your child each day.

Have you changed your address, email address, or phone number since the start of the school year? Please notify the office in case we need to contact you in an emergency.

Our Upcoming Events – Student Law Association: Ontario Tech University

Monday, 5/3-5/7 Loma Verde VAPA Classes

Monday, 5/3-Friday, 5/7 Virtual 6th Grade Camp

Wednesday, 5/5 8:00-12:30, 1:00-3:30 COVID Testing on Loma Verde Campus for Staff & Students

Wednesday, 5/5 – 3:00-4:00 Wellness Wednesday (see information below)

Thursday, 5/6 – 2:30-2:00 Loma Verde Weekly Food Distribution

Thursday, 5/6 – 6:00 Equity Policy Meeting Link

Tuesday, 5/11 – 2:00-2:00 DAC/DELAC Meeting

Wednesday, May 12 – CA Day of the Teacher and School Nurse Day

Staff Appreciation Week | Joliet School District 86

Wednesday, May 19- 6:00 CVESD Board of Education meeting Link

5/24-28 Loma Verde Staff Appreciation Week

Wednesday, May 26 – 6:00 Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) Meeting

Thursday, May 27 – 6:00 CVESD Black Learner Advisory Council (BLAC) Meeting Link

Monday, 5/31 NO SCHOOL – Memorial Day

Monday, 6/15 Last Day of School (minimum day)

Monday, 6/15 6th Grade Promotion (more information coming soon!)

Join us this Wednesday, May 5th at 3 pm for our very first Wellness Wednesday virtual event! During this time, participants will be a part of a fun fitness workout with an ultimate at-home obstacle course! Family members are encouraged to participate. CLICK HERE to join Wellness Wednesday.

Our Wildcats continue to participate in VAPA instruction every other week. Our next VAPA week at Loma Verde is 5/3-5/7.

We want to remind all families that regardless of the instructional model a child is placed in, school begins at 8:00 AM. Students in the afternoon cohort are expected to complete asynchronous learning in the morning as part of the requirements of the state of California as mandated by AB 77 and SB 98.

Our VAPA schedules have changed due to our transition to hybrid instruction. Students will participate in VAPA at times that do not conflict with in-person instruction. For example, if your child attends in-person classes in the PM cohort, they will participate in VAPA during the morning. Please note that the times of VAPA classes may change depending on the week, but your child’s teacher is able to share those details with you and the meeting information is on your child’s Teams calendar.

Students must attend VAPA classes and attendance is taken during art, music, and PE.

How to Build Resiliency Parent Workshop

Please watch this informational workshop presented on April 28, 2021, by Elizabeth Gianulis, Director of Multi-Tiered System of Supports, as she speaks on the different strategies to help strengthen our kids by building resiliency and grit; teach problem-solving skills; promote healthy risk-taking; and promote positive social connections. Link to parent workshop

COVID-19 Testing on Campus

Image result for covid testing

You should have received (through email and/or text message) information on how to register for your child to get tested for COVID-19 at our school site. If you have misplaced the email or link, another was sent to you on Friday, April 16th around 11:00 AM. You will not need to make an appointment for testing at our school sites. Our schools will provide on-demand testing, which means that we are accepting “walk-ins”—no appointments are necessary. Here is important information on the CVESD COVID-19 Testing Program:

• Testing will occur at Loma Verde Elementary School campus on the following days: May 5, 19, and June 2.

• On these days, testing will occur from 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM, with no testing from 12:30-1:00 PM due to staff lunch times.

• If your student is experiencing symptoms, we highly recommend getting a PCR test at a free County facility or with a medical provider, and not reporting to the school for the antigen test. Unfortunately, the antigen tests used by CVESD cannot be used for return to work or school, per the County’s Decisions Symptom TreeThe antigen testing program is for surveillance purposes, in order to quickly determine if individuals are positive and remove such individuals and their close contacts from campus as soon as possible. Contact our school health office for more information or discuss your child’s symptoms.

• At this time, we can only test staff and CVESD students. No family members are able test at this time.

• You do not need to be with your child in order for your child to test under our program; however, if your child walks up to the testing location, we will not be able to test them unless you have signed the on-line consent form at the link you are provided. We highly recommend that you accompany your child to the testing location.

• Links that are sent to you are personalized for your specific student and shouldn’t be shared with others.

• If you have trouble registering/providing consent for your child through the link, please call the district office at (619) 425-9600 and speak to Sherry Stone at ext. 1327 or Theresa Fletcher at ext. 1027 or visit the testing staff on-site at our school and they will be able to help register and test your child during your visit.

• Because we are not taking appointments, we know there will be long lines before and after school. Please take this into account when planning the time have your child tested. Please be patient with the testing team and listen carefully to their instructions.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus on our campus.

2021-2022 Kindergarten, TK, Preschool & New Student Registration

Kindergarten and NEW student registration began on March 15 for the 2021-2022 school year with a NEW online system. There will be no paper packets for this year’s registration. Those currently registered DO NOT have to reregister. You will just complete proof of residency when the time comes. CLICK HERE for further information.  To view the district website for registration information, CLICK HERE

Computer Devices & WIFI to Loan Families

We recommend each student have their own laptop with a camera and microphone for Distance Learning.  Some tablets have compatibility issues with the Microsoft Teams platform and online learning programs.

If your child needs a device or wifi hotspot, please complete and submit this form below, so we can plan and prepare the devices for distribution.  If you do not need a device or hotspot, please do not fill out this form. Please fill out a form for each child who needs a device.  Do not fill out for a child who previously received a device.  We will notify you when you device and/or WIFI hotspot are ready.

Click Here to Complete the Computer Request Survey

Click Here to Complete the WIFI Hotspot Request Survey

Contact us at or 619-420-3940.

Get District and School Notifications 2019-20 SMS Text Opt-in Eng Sp combined

Loma Verde Twitter – @lomaverdeschool    Our hashtag is #lomalearns

Follow us on the Loma Verde Facebook page.

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