The Wildcat Way – September 21-25, 2020

Loma Verde Family Survey-Please Complete


We still need your input! In order to better understand our families and student’s needs, please complete the following survey for each child enrolled at Loma Verde if you haven’t done it last week. Your answers will help us support your child and provide additional resources. Thank you! 

Survey Link:

Attendance/Absence Reporting

Please know attendance will be taken daily. Please be sure your child joins their class meetings and completes assignments. If your child is sick or absent for another reason, please report the absence to the office. Options To Report an Absence:

  1. Email and provide the student’s name, teacher, reason for absence, and date of absence.
  2. Call the school phone number 619-420-3940 to report your absence and provide the following information: student’s name, teacher, reason for absence, and date of absence.
COVID-19 Resource Guide for Parents and Families – Duke Center for  Healthcare Safety and Quality

Click on A Guide for Parent on Illness or Positive Tests for COVID-19 Virus to learn more about what to do if your child is sick and/or tests positive for COVID-19 and when they can return to school.

School Site Council Elections for Parent & Community Members

Banner We Need You Illustration. Royalty Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock  Illustration. Image 93570704.

SCHOOL SITE COUNCIL (SSC) is comprised of 5 elected parent/community representatives and 4 elected staff representatives. The role of the SSC is to develop, approve and monitor the Single Plan for Student Achievement, and the school’s budget. Regular meetings take place on Tuesdays (once a month) beginning at 3:00 pm. All parents and staff are welcome to attend.

  • There are 4 vacancies for the 2020-2021 school year
  • School Site Council seats serve 2 years
  • The top 4 candidates will have a council seat, and 2 runner-up candidates will be alternates
  • Nominations Deadline: Friday, September 25th
  • Elections will take place the week of September 28th
  • Feel free to e-mail with any questions
  • Please use the link below if you are interested in serving on SSC. Fill out the form below if you wish to nominate yourself and serve on the Loma Verde School Site Council
  • Use the link below to nominate yourself for SSC:

Loma Verde Lending Library – IT’s FREE

Lending Library | Archdiocese of Newark

On Monday, September 21st and Tuesday, September 22. from 12:00-2:30, Loma Verde will open our NEW Lending Library. It’s Free. We at Loma Verde believe that during this time we all need to have real books in student’s hands. We have over 200 books donated by The Molina Foundation.  Please join us! Come borrow a book and if you have books at home that you have already read to add to our library please drop them off. When you are finished reading the books, drop them back off at school. We will make sure they are cleaned and lent out the next week.

The Lending Library will be open every Monday and Tuesday, starting September 21st and 22nd from 12:00-2:30 pm in front of Loma Verde Elementary School. 

Please Return Your Library Books

return library books

Please return any Loma Verde library books you still have at home. We will be sending out overdue notices to students that have not returned library books from the 2019-2020 school year. There will be a box in front of the gate by the office from 7:30-4:00 for you to return library books.

Yearbooks Are Here!

Yearbook image

If you purchased a yearbook, and did not have a chance to come pick it up, we will be in the bus loop on Thursday, Sept. 24 from 12 – 2 pm. Stop by and get your free meals as well!

Student Distance Learning Acceptable Use Agreement

Acceptable Use Policy – Network Encyclopedia

Below is the CVESD Student Distance Learning Acceptable Use Agreement for using school-issued devices:

My behavior and actions are to follow Digital Citizenship Guidelines and district policy of responsible computer usage. I agree to the following:

  1. I will use district computers only to do schoolwork, and not for any other reason. I will not store material
    that is not related to my schoolwork.
  2. I will not give my password to anyone else, and I will not ask for or use anyone else’s password.
  3. I will not put on the computer my address or telephone number, or any other personal information about
    myself or anyone else.
  4. I will not upload, link, or embed an image of myself or others without my teacher’s permission.
  5. I will not play games that a teacher has not approved.
  6. I will be polite and considerate when I use the computer; I will not use it to annoy, be mean to, frighten,
    threaten, tease, bully, or poke fun at anyone; I will not use swear words or any other rude language.
  7. I will not try to see, send, or upload anything that says and/or shows bad or mean things about anyone’s
    race, religion or sex.
  8. I will not damage the computer or anyone else’s work.
  9. I will not take credit for other people’s work.
  10. If I have or see a problem I will not try to fix it myself, but I will tell the teacher.
  11. I will not block or interfere with school or school system communications.
  12. My teacher may look at my work to be sure that I am following these rules, and if I am not, there will be
    consequences which may include not being able to use the computer.
  13. I know that the conduct that is forbidden in school is also forbidden when I use computers outside of school
    if it interferes with other students’ education, and if I break the rules there will consequences in school.

How Do I Get to My Child’s Email?

Computer Devices & WIFI to Loan Families

We recommend each student have their own laptop with a camera and microphone for Distance Learning.  Some tablets have compatibility issues with the Microsoft Teams platform and online learning programs.

If your child needs a device or wifi hotspot, please complete and submit this form below, so we can plan and prepare the devices for distribution.  If you do not need a device or hotspot, please do not fill out this form. Please fill out a form for each child who needs a device.  Do not fill out for a child who previously received a device.  We will notify you when you device and/or WIFI hotspot are ready.

Click Here to Complete the Computer Survey

Click Here to Complete the WIFI Hotspot Survey


Technical Support Ventura County | Technical Support Services

Because our students are using devices for Distance Learning daily, it is important to be sure they are working well. Please remind our Wildcat students to shut down their devices each day. Please know just closing the laptop is not enough. Use the power menu and fully shut down the device each day. Important updates are installed if the computer is shut down. It also completely exits the we browser which helps ensure optimum performance. We are available to support you with technology issue that persist after shutting down the device. We are happy to answer questions you have over the phone: (619) 420-3940 or in person between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:45 pm. If you have a school laptop that is not working properly, please feel free to stop by or call for support.

When opening certain apps, you may receive some type of error. One problem may be that your computer CACHE needs to be cleared. CLICK HERE for instructions.



CVESD Meal Service Continues for Loma Verde Students

Food Service / Grab and Go Meal Service

Our Loma Verde meal service will take place from 12:00-2:00 once a week on Thursdays for students. Pick up the 5 days worth of meals at the front of the school.

Community Services banner

With information about the COVID-19 pandemic changing quickly, CVESD will do its best to keep our community informed as new details become available. Below you will find links to Community Services.

211 Food Pantry Search

Chula Vista Community Collaborative

Community Through Hope

Cox Affordable Home Internet

CVESD Student Meal Distribution

Feeding San Diego

Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank

Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) Benefits

San Diego Food Bank – Food Programs Operating During the COVID-19 Crisis

San Diego for Every Child

South Bay Community Services

YMCA Child Care and Resource List

YMCA Youth & Family Services

The SBCS Dinosaur School Program is inviting you to a Virtual Bingo Night!

Join us to play bingo virtually! The whole family can participate and have the opportunity to win some prizes
Thursday, September 24th at 3:00 PM
Zoom link:

Meeting ID 862-5419-4663
Passcode 114864

CVESD FAQ on Reopening Schools

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – International Management ...

Our district will continue to update its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page regarding the reopening of schools later this year at this website: Click here to see the FAQ

Welcome to the Mendota Elementary School Site | Mendota Elementary ...

Click Here for the 2020-21-School-Calendar


Contact us at or 619-420-3940.

Get District and School Notifications 2019-20 SMS Text Opt-in Eng Sp combined

Loma Verde Twitter – @lomaverdeschool    Our hashtag is #lomalearns

Follow us on the Loma Verde Facebook page.

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